Community Outreach

Oranim College has been committed to education and to the surrounding communities in the periphery of Israel for over 60 years.

Many of our ongoing programs help to enrich communities, schools and local leadership, providing academic knowledge and hands-on skills in education and In professional leadership, in educating children, from at risk youth to those who have exceptional intelligence and creativity. Our commitment is part of our genetic code, its who we are and what makes us special as an Academic College of Education. 

The MICHAEL Program

This program educates and trains an elite cadre of Ethiopian-Israelis to be educators, community leaders and teachers. In its fourth year, we are leading in the effort to train and place Ethiopian educators into K-12 schools and community settings across Israel.

The Bi-regional School for Gifted Children

Oranim's School for Gifted Children is a 1-day a week program for 650 children, aged 10-14, who rank in the top 1.5% and have great potential. They study Math, Biology, Computers, Media, Arts and Humanities, and develop intellectually and socially with their peers.

RABIN Pre-Army Preparatory Program

The Rabin Preparatory Program is a 10-month course for 80 young adults aged 18-19. It includes intensive academic study, leadership development and community volunteering. Founded in 1998, it is a registered non-profit housed at Oranim.

HAMIDRASHA Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life

Hamidrasha, established in 1989, is one of the leading centers in Israel, helping inspire and inform Israelis in their search for meaning, dialogue and volunteerism. Hamidrasha develops activities and programs to promote Jewish learning and culture among children and adults.

Putting the North in the Center

Putting the North in the Center is a unique educational initiative that trains and supervises 80 Oranim students who mentor 300 youth in 10 northern schools. Run by Shdemot Center, Oranim students plan and run activities and set up learning centers, and serve as important role models to youth at risk.