From The President
I am proud that Oranim College was ranked among 10 of the top academic institutions in Israel for excellence in service to students, by Maariv daily newspaper and the National Students Union. This is the second time we were top ranked in the past three years. Oranim is a unique place, with a great atmosphere, and a place where people care about people. We have a holistic approach.
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Student Support
Students at Oranim are offered a range of programs, resource centers and organizations that provide them aid, assistance and support.
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Off-Campus and Community Outreach
Many of our ongoing programs help to enrich communities, schools and local leadership, providing academic knowledge and hands-on skills in education.
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Projects and Events
Helps develop high-level leaders in education, selects the brightest, highest achievers, and provides them ongoing supplemental activities and challenges.
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Buildings, Labs, IT
With a great reputation for professional development, hundreds of teachers are now pursuing their Masters degree in Education at Oranim.
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